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Spirit Williams has lived, worked and traveled all over the world, and her work is in collections in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as the United States. She is probably best known for her wildlife and bird wood carvings, but she does not limit herself to those subjects. Her delicate figures and fantasies have a collector’s following, she has created many works for churches, and is often commissioned for portraits.

She also works with architects and interior designers to create detailing on doors, mantels, lintels, newel posts and wall murals. One major work she created depicts the Kenya Bush with 76 animals.  The sculpture is 8’ X 4’ and 7" deep.  It is a permanent installation at the Columbus, Ohio, Zoo, and was featured internationally on the cover of Reader’s Digest magazine.

About Spirit

DSC_2468 bw 12x16 framed-4.jpg

Fine artist Spirit Williams uses mostly hand tools to create wood carvings of birds, animals, people religious works, and architectural details. Believing that wood is a living medium, the direct interaction of her knives and gouges with wood enables her to feel her way into a breathing representation of the subject. She prefers to use native woods like basswood, butternut, cherry, poplar and walnut. Over the years, Spirit has progressed from using a hobby knife to quite an arsenal of professional carving tools. Spirit carves nearly every day; it is her life’s work -- her celebration of life.

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